4 Ways to Help Improve the Harmony Between Cats and Dogs

cats and dogs commands patience May 23, 2022
Dog and cat friends

Although dogs and cats are two very different species and have often been depicted in films and cartoons as being natural sworn enemies, many households have reported on them becoming the best of friends. At DogBonding.com we have highlighted four tips for you to follow that can help improve the harmony between your cat and dog. We hope you find this article helpful.

  1. Personality Pairing

It is important that your cat and dog’s personalities are well matched. For example, if your dog is energetic and lively, this may clash with a cat that is timid or slightly anxious. Likewise, if your cat has a calm and passive personality then they may not appreciate an energetic dog. Therefore, it is so important to pair both pets with similar personalities to give them the best chance of getting along with each other.

  1. Basic Commands

Are you worried about your dog chasing your cat whenever it enters a room? If so, then do not worry because this is a common concern for many pet owners. Dogs will naturally want to chase cats. Whenever your dog sees a quick movement, a neurological signal is sent to their brain that then activates their predatory instincts to chase the moving object. The good news is that you can help manage your dog's predatory instincts, by reinstalling some basic training commands. Basic commands can include ‘stay’, ‘sit’, ‘come’, and ‘leave it.’

 Another helpful instruction tip is obedience dog training. You can test your dog’s obedience in distracting environments by using treats or soft toys. The goal here is for your dog to learn to obey commands when they are around your cat. However, for the safety of your cat ensure that your dog is always on a lead when you are training them especially if they are in the same room. Once you have safely secured your dog on their lead, stand a certain distance away from them, and then gently pull their lead towards you then give the command ‘come’ and then ‘sit’. When your dog walks towards you ensure you give them praise or affection or reward them with a treat. Repeat the same reward when they follow your ‘sit’ command. Over time your dog will habitually learn to follow these commands whenever your cat is in the room, and you suddenly need to use them.

  1. Slowly Does It

When it comes to getting your dog and cat used to each other, there is no set time frame. It will take as long as it takes. Patience is key here. This is because every cat and dog is different, and they will react differently based on several factors. Give them plenty of time to familiarise themselves to one another and take small steps. It is important to note that if either your cat or dog becomes frightened or hesitant, separate them immediately and try again another time.

  1. Create Positive Associations

Another helpful tip is to give your cat and dog a healthy distraction using food during mealtimes. This will help to create a positive association with each other. When it is time for both pets to eat, feed them at opposite sides of a door or pet gate before finally removing it all together. Eventually your cat and dog are eating side-by-side, almost ignoring each other. Creating daily positive associations can help give your cat and dog the best chance of becoming best friends in the future.

Closing thoughts…

Hopefully you found this article helpful. By following our four helpful tips it can hopefully give your cat and dog the best chance of getting along with each other and creating a peaceful living environment for your household.

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