4 Tips to Dog Proof your Christmas Tree

decorations dog proof precautions safety Dec 03, 2021
Pug at Christmas

December is here and for many this means picking the perfect Christmas tree to kickstart the festive season! Although Christmas trees and festive decorations look lovely, they can also be dangerous for our pets. At DogBonding.com we have four tips to dog-proof your Xmas tree this holiday season.

1. Secure your Tree

Whether you have decided to buy a real or an artificial one, Christmas trees need to be safely secured in place throughout the holiday season. Many Christmas trees can be very heavy and if not properly secured to a stand or wall can fall over and risk your pet being hurt. Avoid any such accidents by ensuring you always secure your tree.

2. Ensure Decorations are Safely Out of Reach

When decorating your tree with twinkling Christmas lights make sure that your dog is unable to reach them. Many dogs chew on the lights and this can cause a serious risk to their health. To ensure the safety of your pet, firmly tape cords to the wall or floor and keep lights confined to the top half of your tree. A great safety tip is to frequently check the cords to see if you can spot any chew marks. Tinsel is another decoration that looks festive but can pose a health risk to your dog. If swallowed, tinsel can often block your dog’s intestines so it is best to keep such decorations out of your pet’s reach.

3. Avoid Food Decorations

Decorating your Christmas tree with confectionery such as chocolate and candy canes may look festive but it can also tempt your dog in to climbing the tree. Edible decorations such as hanging chocolate can also pose a serious health risk if consumed by your dog. Although chocolate is a tempting treat for humans, it contains an ingredient called theobromine that is dangerous to your pet's health.

4. Introduce your Dog early to your Christmas Tree

If this is your dog’s first time seeing a Christmas tree in your home, then consider putting it up earlier so that your pet can get used to it. A great way of familiarising your dog to the tree is by initially leaving it bare. Once your dog is comfortable sharing its home with the tree, you can finally start to decorate it!

Did you find this article helpful? We hope our four tips to dog-proof your Xmas tree can avert any disasters happening this season. At DogBonding.com we are an online dog training platform, operated by real professional people! We are dedicated to help dog owners and their dogs live happy and fulfilled lives together. If you need expert professional dog training advice on all your puppy or dog behavioural issues please speak with our team today.

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