4 Benefits of Grooming your Canine Companion

grooming benefits praise while grooming Jan 07, 2022
Cocker Spaniel being brushed

Did you know that you can strengthen the bond you already have with your dog by regularly grooming them? Not only will this make your canine companion feel great, but it will also help keep their coat in good condition. At DogBonding, we have highlighted four benefits of grooming your dog below. Enjoy!

Understanding your Dog’s Breed Requirements

Before you begin grooming your dog, it is recommended that you first understand your dog’s individual requirements based on its breed. For instance, if you own an Afghan Hound or a Bearded Collie, then they will have longer coats that may need grooming as much as twice a week. However, breeds with shorter coats like an Affenpinscher, need far less grooming and fewer baths. By understanding the individual breed requirements of your dog, you will be able to give them the best cut possible throughout the dog grooming process.

Praise and Reward

It is important for your dog to associate grooming with a positive emotion. It is especially important that grooming time should be enjoyable for a puppy, so try and give them plenty of encouragement and praise throughout and consider rewarding their patience with their favourite healthy dog treat. A puppy will not be used to having their hair cut and coat brushed, so grooming can be a stressful time for them if they are not handled with the utmost care.  Above all, try and be as calm and as comforting as possible, so that your pet has a positive association with the grooming process. A bad experience when your dog is young can lead to on-going future problems.

When grooming your dog, it is important not to show any frustrations you may be experiencing. Dogs will react to your stress levels if you react negatively to their behaviour. For example, never raise your voice to them if they are not sitting still as this will only distress them.

Increase Blood Circulation

Whether you own a long or short haired dog, your pet will need to have their dead hair removed so that their coat can remain ventilated. Grooming your dog can help improve their blood circulation and the balance of natural oils in their fur. Another part of grooming that boosts the blood flow to your dog’s hair follicles is when you massage them when applying shampoo. Massaging your dog helps to increase the circulation of blood and other internal fluids. This process helps to effectively move on any toxins that are within your dog's body through their internal systems.


Massaging your dog can often will leave them feeling calm and happy afterwards. Brushing and massaging can improve their mental and physical health. When grooming your dog, brushing their coat, and massaging their muscle groups is a great way of not only strengthening your bond, but also calming them, boosting blood circulation, and reducing any aches and pains they may have.

Closing thoughts…

We hope you found these 4 grooming tips helpful. There are many benefits associated with grooming your dog and these can all help in positively strengthening the existing bond you share. If you require further help training your dog, then we are always here to help you. At DogBonding we are an online dog training platform, operated by real professional people! We are dedicated to helping dog owners and their dogs live happy and fulfilled lives together. Contact us today if you also need help training your canine companion. 

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