4 Advantages of Online Puppy Training Lessons

Oct 15, 2021
Online dog training with owner

If you have just welcomed home a new puppy, you may be considering whether to train them the traditional way or by registering with an online puppy training class. The more traditional training lesson would be meeting the puppy trainer in person compared to meeting them online in a virtual class setting. This article will highlight the four advantages an online puppy training has to offer you. We hope you find this article helpful. 

1.  Flexible Schedules

With many of us living busy lives it can sometimes be overwhelming trying to balance work and family life around a structured puppy training schedule. An online puppy training class allows a dog owner to train their puppy from the comfort of their own home. Another benefit of this is that your puppy may be more comfortable in their own surroundings compared to a new training environment.

2.  More Reliable

Training your dog in a pandemic is never easy, especially due to the lack of physical classes being made available. During both lockdowns, many physical classes were sadly cancelled, and this can be extremely demotivating for dog owners who may have made progress with their puppy training. Most dog trainers will tell you that consistency is key. If you are not consistent, then it is harder to get the results you are looking for. Within the context of a lockdown, online puppy training classes can still go ahead without the risk of the lesson being cancelled. You may not physically be in the same room as the puppy trainer, but you are still able to get one-on-one professional help and a tailor-made training program that suits your puppy’s individual needs.

3. Fewer Distractions

Sometimes a one-to-one consultation or video group training lesson can be less distracting than physically taking your dog to an in-person group class. By participating in a group class online, you are still able to see the other dogs, and observe how their handlers and owners are working with them, but you are also in your own environment and can focus a lot better without the worry of other dogs coming over and distracting your dog.

4. Questions

With online classes, your instructor is always on hand to answer any questions you may have. With a one-to-one online consultation, you will always have the trainer’s undivided attention. Sometimes in an in person group, each dog owner will need their own time with the trainer - which is understandable - but with a reserved online lesson, you are able to have the entire lesson focused on you and your dog.

Closing thoughts

There are many benefits to attending an online training lesson, especially in these challenging times. Today many dog owners are preferring online puppy training classes as it fits in with their new daily schedules especially if they are working remotely from home and have more time to spend with their dogs. Hopefully you found this article helpful. If you have any further questions or need expert professional dog training advice on all your puppy or dog behavioural issues, get in touch at [email protected]


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