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Train your puppy at home without attending classes.

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Renate Burrowes

As the owner of an award winning boarding kennels, I have been working with dogs for over 10 years as a trainer and dog groomer. I am here to share my passion, knowledge and expertise to help you with your training needs.

Renate - PupStart Instructor
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Mia Golding - Renate taught me sooo much with my dog and her advice was spot on and so helpful and I still use all her great tips everyday. I also did your puppy classes when Ragnar was a pup and we both got so much out of it.

Marcela Gillingham - Training my dog in a pandemic was not easy due to a lack of physical classes. I turned to Youtube and Google and was overwhelmed with the amount of information available and was unsure who's advice to follow which made the training process extremely difficult and quite stressful. After following the advice offered by Renate he is now a completely different dog. He understands several commands and his attention span has also increased dramatically making learning new commands so much easier.

Everything you and your puppy needs!

Get everything you would expect if you attended a face-to-face puppy training course.

Learn about:

  • bringing your puppy home for the first time
  • over 20 training exercises
  • creating a strong bond with your puppy
  • so they can easily fit into your home

 Follow structured lessons:

  • with step-by-step instructions
  • demonstrations to help you achieve
  • pause breaks to allow time to practice
  • dos, don’ts when things get difficult.
  • Top Tips which help you make good progress

Training is not easy, but we want to make it enjoyable for both you and your puppy. As your puppy progresses, you will get great pride with everything you have achieved together.

See the episodes below

Paws 4 Thought

Get the basics right

  • At home with your puppy
  • Some kit you need
  • Toilet training
  • Feeding
  • Playtime and toys

First Steps – Indoors

First training exercises indoors

  • Sit
  • Down
  • Not jumping up
  • Not Nipping
  • Recall

Follow on – Outside

More training outside

  • Walking on a loose lead
  • Not barging through doors
  • Recall with a whistle
  • Keeping attention for 20 seconds
  • Stay

Good Manners

Push your puppy further

  • Whistle call
  • Leave
  • Heel
  • Playing dead
  • Meet and greet

Looking Good

More challenging exercises

  • further work on Stay
  • Leave articles on the floor
  • Watch or Look at me
  • Exchange
  • Grooming your puppy


Finishing touches!

  • Recall with distractions
  • Walking to heel with distractions
  • Sit to a hand signal
  • Stop from a distance
  • Claim your graduation certificate!

Don't miss out

When complete, you will have achieved the basis of a well-trained dog.

All dogs benefit from training so don’t leave it until it is too late.

A puppy is most receptive to training during the first six months of their lives.

 Benefits - by the end of series you will have:

  1. Created a strong bond between you and your puppy for life
  2. You will gain your puppy’s trust and you will trust them
  3. Your puppy will be able to fit into your household and family setting
  4. You will be your puppy’s best friend and they will be your best friend too

By doing a little and often, you will make fast progress. I am frequently approached by dog owners where they have not put in the effort to train their dog and its behaviour has got out of hand. These owners have to spend a lot more money than the cost of this course having to put things right.

So don’t think you will just wing it and do it all yourself. There is a lot of dubious advice and techniques on the internet. Do not take chances with your new puppy. Get started today and make things work for you.

Teaching your puppy to behave well at home and in public will be a credit to you. Instead of people dreading seeing you and your dog, they will be pleased to meet and praise you for the wonderful dog you own.


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